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 Hey! Welcome to my website! I'm still new at this, so bear with me. I'm a future author and I'm writing my own story. I may not be able to keep very updated do to a busy schedule, but I'll try my best. I now have a Facebook page dedicated to my story, so if you want to check it out or 'like' it you can go here. If you want to e-mail me my e-mail address is Thanks!

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 Okay, so I made this site to post some of my random thoughts and feelings on random things. I also want to post some of my story on here and get some feedback.

Here is a little bit of info about me: I love wolves. I bet I have at least one wolf in all the stories I have thought up. My favorite color is blue, although I do have a weakness—like most all girls—for pink sparkly objects (see welcome sign above). I am a major bookworm. So much so that my mom once had to ground me from reading. That was the worst weak of my entire life, by the way. Throughout my middle school life I went to the public library almost everyday after school (and I still beg to go on Saturdays). I've made a hobby of surfing author's websites. I love to write, hence me wanting to be an author when I grow up. I love to draw. I've had a particular fascination with dragons since I was little. They're one of my favorite things to draw (along with wolves). My favorite kind of book to read is fantasy, though I consider myself wellrounded in the genre field. I don't like it when people don't like something just because it's popular. I am mormon, and proud of it. I like to sing, but rarely do it in public. I suffer from middle-child syndrome (when you are left home to babysit while your older siblings go on vacation), but I don't mind too much. There are seven kids (including myself) in my family. We own two yapping Yorkies named Daisy an Digger. I have a fish named Dennis and a hermitcrab named Hermycakes. My most prized possession is my thumbdrive, in which I have all my stories on. Some of my favorite books are the Percy Jackson series, The Hunger Games series (Team Peeta! Woop!), the Harry Potter series, the Eragon series, the Twilight series (don't worry, I'm not obsessive or anything), the Warriors series, The Mercy series, The Dragon Prince, and Painless Grammar (Yes, I read grammar books for fun. I'm a nerd and I love it!). I was team Edward for the book and team Jacob for the movie, but Eclipse has me leaning toward Edward on both. My bellybutton is named after my cousin, Kelsy, and hers after me. I have my little brother make my macaroni and cheese because I'm not a very good cook and I like to believe that the stove hates me. I make my tomato soup in the cocomotion (it works) and eat it with cottage cheese—yes, inside the soup. Anyways, I hope you enjoy my stuff.

 If you want to explore my site, I'll tell you where is what.

Home is the page you are currently on.

My Stories is, well, where I have my stories posted.

My Blog is where all my random thoughts are.

Pictures is pretty self-explanitory. It has some random pics that I like.

Quotes is where some of my favorite quotes are posted.

Poems is where some of my favorite poems that I've written are.

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