My Poems

These are some poems that I have wrriten. Enjoy! 

 The Cobrush

 In the jungle, on a tree,

are scratches, etches, marks of three.

The Cobrush was here, there is no doubt,

he brushed right here he brushed about.


The Cobrush is quite a stunning creature,

because of his bemusing feature.

For on his back are many bristles,

which comb the trees and leaves and thistles.


The Cobrush rakes the jungle clean,

until the plants and animals gleam.

Because of his glorious grooming fame,

the Cobrush has surely earned his name.


I'm just a dream,
caught in a catcher.
Watching sadly as others go by.
I'm just a dream,
cought in a catcher.
Waiting for the day I can fly.

I'm just a chime,
caught in the wind.
Watching as the music floats away.
I'm just a chime,
caught in the wind.
Waiting to fly away some day.

Melting under your Sun

Your rays of love show,
way more than you know.
The love in your heart,
plays such a big part.
And I'm melting under your sun.

I'd run the entire mile,
Just to see your sweet smile.
You make me feel nice,
when it's me you entice.
And I'm melting under your sun.

You snuggle up close,
and it's you I love most.
Under the moon,
you sing me a tune.
And I'm melting under your sun.


You stole me but I love you,
You swept me off the ground,
You spoil me with treasure,
and together we are bound.

As much as I do hate you,
I love you all the same,
I admire your deadly kingdom,
Your superiority and fame.

I love my little garden,
The sweet things that you give,
I didn't know a man like you,
had love for ones that live.

When they came to find me,
I felt torn between the two,
My mother will always love me,
but also so will you.

Now that I'm to stay with you,
for half the year alone,
I'm silently rejoicing,
for I'll never be alone.

A Book Of Words


f you were to die and go any place

and find a library floating in space,


You'd find a trillian books with a zillian pages

and even more words written throughout the ages,


Each book of a person and all that they'd spoken

and given to you as an honorable token,


To judge each one by the things that they said

and find out which books are best to be read,


And there is no book that will win any prize

by glamour or looks or even its size,


For the only factor that passes the test

is the content which matters much more that the rest.

 The Sailing Ship

 Life is like a sailing ship,
Destiny like the sea,
it tosses and turns and throws you about,
until you've the urge to flee.
And every wrong word does tip.
And every wrong act does sway.
But fear not,
for every wrong there is a right,
and sailing as clear as day.

But far beyond the eye can see,
a storm is yet to come,
it mumbles and grumbles and fidgets about,
a frightening sound to some.
So hold fast to the rail you lean over.
So hold fast and defy the sea.
And remember the family you fight for,
for the love in your life is the key.


Oh my sweet beloved ChapStick,
You share with everyone,
Your lovley ointment glitters,
Beneath the blistering sun.

I love you my dear ChapStick,
Together we will be,
Making it so sun and lips,
Can live in harmony.

Black Panther

In the jungle I do creep
I make no sound, not one peep
I blend right in to the eerie night
You look around and I'm not in sight
But I see you
yes it is true
A cat of black
behind your back
I pounce on my bewildered prey
only seen in the light of day
My name is known, and it is feared
Until I die, my name is cleared
The merciless hunter
The wildest cat
I am a black panther
and that is that.

Just Together

Dashing through the forest,
Race across the sea,
Frolic through the meadow,
Just together, you and me!

Sliding down a rainbow,
Chasing rays of sun,
Dancing with the pixies,
Just together, having fun!

Lay beneath the moonlight,
counting every star,
Traveling through the universe,
Just together, near or far!

Flying through the blue sky,
resting on a cloud,
screaming in the open,
Just together, being loud!

Have I told you that I love you?
Forever we will be,
 Dancing in the heavens,
Just together, you and me!

Seven Men 

I I saw the lives of seven men,

as different as can be.

I saw the lives of seven men,

of those who hated me.


I saw their trials and their labors,

their agonies and woes.

I saw their trials and their labors,

the hatred of their foes.


I saw the things they loved in life,

the pleasures that they knew.

I saw the things they loved in life,

and I felt that love too.


I saw the lives of seven men,

and finally understood.

I saw the lives of seven men,

and loved them as I should.


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