My Favorite Quotes!

 "Germs cantagious! Contagion alert! But Edwart and Purell are stronger than dirt!" ~Edwart, Nightlight

"Sometimes when people get stubborn, they die." ~Whisper Island 

"Are you insane? This is Hitler's car!" ~Ratrace 

"I've been up since Mazditch" ~Josh Fernandez (cousin inside joke) 

"So, is Kiara Simba's wife or son?" ~Kenny (my little brother) 

"Every man for himself." ~Strong family motto 

"Life is rough and then you die." ~many a person (specifically my Aunt Raquel)

 "I know what this Brat needs! A man jacket!" "Um, that's a girl jacket." "It's a man jacket now!" "Right, hand me the one with the pants on his head." ~Me and Kelsy playing with Brats at age 13

"Well, look what the cat dragged in." ~common saying

 "I hit my funny bone.....and it wasn't funny." ~Morgan Briggs

"You mean you'll put down your rock and I'll put down my sword and we'll try to kill each other like civilizied people, is that it?" ~Westley, Princess Bride 

"Life is pain. Anybody that says different is selling something." ~Fezzik's mom (book)/ Westley (movie), Princess Bride 

" Edgera! Don't speak unless spoken to. Edgera! Don't laugh unless laughed at. Edgera! Don't squeal like a baby unless a baby squeals at you." ~Kenny

"People who are always optimistic are always lying to themselves." 

 "What is a Josh

that has a brain?

Is he a Josh at all?

Humanity may never know.

Some describe him as 2 x 2

others 4 x 4.

Most seem to describe him as 0

round, fat, and empty."

~My brother (Kenny)'s poetic philosophy about my cousin, Josh

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